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Spanish language is the 3rd the most often used language in the World. It is estimated that more than 650 million people speak Spanish, in the most of areas of South and North America, Europe and Africa. It is also one of the most popular languages of the European Union.

Thanks to new specialisations on WSTiJO, Spanish Studies has become not only the science about the language, history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, but also the knowledge and skills acquired will help the graduates find job in the tourist-business, commercial, service and media sectors.

The new curriculum combines the subjects of theoretical knowledge with practical workshops: business and tourism, journalism and the media in Spanish language. Students will have an opportunity to display their Spanish skills (keeping the correspondence, providing the secretarial services, editing writings and offers, making phone calls etc.). New specialisations deepen the knowledge of Spanish and prepare the Graduates to work in above mentioned sectors of professional activity.


Join 40 million people who are learning Spanish all over the world!