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GENERAL INFORMATION: Postgraduate Studies for Interpreters and Translators is for people who have fluent command of foreign language (C2 level), including foreigners who speak Polish fluently apart from the foreign language command.

THE COURSE SCOPE: Classes take places in the evenings (evening group, from 5 p.m.) twice a week or at the weekends (weekend group) 8 weekends in a term.

THE COURSE AIM: Preparation to the national oral and written exam qualifying for the job of sworn translators/interpreters, preparation to the translator/interpreter profession, acquirement of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in law (including European Union laws and the laws outside the EU), business activity, preparation of students to professional interpreting and translating texts of many sorts.

THE COURSE CONTENTS: The curriculum includes 2 terms, each divided into theoretical and practical block. The classes are conducted in the form of: lectures, exercises and language-translation workshops. Subjects end with a credit, credit for a mark or an exam. It is the only studies in Poland that except the foreign language classes have also exceptionally developed module on law with a special emphasis on code regulations under Polish substantive and adjective law, including legal protection measures in the area of various branches of law, as well as legal terminology. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the studies is also the mode of the class conduction: part of them is carried out remotely and the other part of them is carried out in stationary mode. The language of instruction/examination is Polish and the other language (English, Russian) selected by a student.